Grocery Delivery

We can stock your rental home with groceries and have them waiting in your cottage for your arrival. No more carrying endless grocery bags up 3 flights of stairs! Let us do the sweating and waiting in the long lines at the local Food Lion or Harris Teeter for you.

See our grocery list - just mark it up, or make up your own, and send it to us by email - save it for next year. On arrival day, we pick up the key from your rental agent, shop at a local grocery store, take the groceries to your rental home, put cold items in the refrigerator, the rest in the pantry. Your drinks are cold upon arrival. One less headache for your vacation. The cost is $80 plus 20% of grocery receipts over $100, plus a $10 travel fee. We can deliver to the 4-wheel drive area. Call for delivery fees.

We base the deposit on the approximate cost of the groceries. We leave the purchase receipt in your cottage, along with our invoice and a stamped, self addressed envelope for your convenience in mailing a check to us for the remainder of the invoice.

If the deposit was more than the invoice, we mail a refund check to your home address. Easy …. See grocery list. Please Contact Us for more information.

Checklist for grocery shopping delivery orders with At Your Service:

  1. Fill out reservation and deposit form - mail, or email, the information to us.

    At Your Service
    934 West Kitty Hawk Road, Suite 11
    Kitty Hawk, NC 27949


  2. Fill out our provided grocery list, or your own, and mail or email to us approximately two (2) weeks in advance of your arrival. You can print out the form, then hand-write any additional items or type your own list. Just make sure you keep all like food items together as they are normally located in the grocery store. 
  3. Mail a check (no credit cards) for the approximate cost of the groceries (must be received one (1) week before shopping date). If you need help estimating the grocery costs, let us know and we will estimate from your list). 
  4. Bring a blank check (or cash) with you on vacation, as we will leave the 'balance due' invoice along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your convenience. If paying in cash, call us for pick up. 
  5. Then, enjoy your vacation without having to fight the crowds at the grocery store... Happy vacationing!